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Comenius project of Helene-Lange and Latokartanon School has started

The project has started with a short “skype conference” between Wiesbaden and Helsinki on May 2014, 27th.

Each partner group asks questions about living as a young German or Finnish in her or his country. These questions are about both life and everyday culture. There may be similar and different things. Every student group now produces short and creative films answering its partner in Finland or Germany.

Next is an exchange of the results and discussions by internet via this blog and during meetings in both countries .

After an evaluation of these results, mixed groups of German and Finnish students produce a film together. At first the German group visits Helsinki and Latokartanon school from March, 15th to 24th, 2015. Then the Finnish group will come to a return visit at Helene-Lange-School from May, 8th to 17th.

The end product shall be films presented at a “film festival” in Wiesbaden, realised for all students, their friends, families and teachers of both schools.

What is the aim of this project?

In a global connected world it is interesting to exchange ideas with students from another country. This deepens our knowledge on themes that are important for students and teachers at the moment and may broaden our horizon. The more you learn about partners from other cultures then more you learn about yourself.

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